School Profile
Grades ServedPK3 –12th Grade
LocationAll grades at 2350 Frankford Ave Panama City, Fl 32405
AccountabilityMembers of Christian Schools of Florida and the Association of Classical Christian Schools
OrganizationPrivate, non-profit 501(c) (3) incorporation in the State of Florida. We are independent in that we do not accept government funding of any type.
Religious AffiliationProtestant, evangelical Christian. A Ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA)
Educational SystemClassical Christian
Total student count190 Total
Department TotalsPK(3&4) – 60
Grammar (K5-5) – 100
Logic (6-8) – 30
Team Sports (1-8th)Flag Football, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Cheerleading
Before & After CareWe offer before care from 7am and after care until 5:30 for students PreK - 5th Grade
Facility24 classrooms, 1 Media Center, 1 Art Studio, 1 Science Labs, 1 Gymnasium, 3 Outdoor Playgrounds, 1 Practice Soccer Field.
Co-curricular (K5-6th)Twirling, Karate, Piano, Gymnastics, Ballet, Zumba